E-Commerce Website Design

These days, anyone one can “design a website.” Website design platforms make it increasingly easier to design a pretty site in just a matter of minutes. However, there’s significantly more involved in proper e-commerce web design than just looking aesthetically pleasing.

At Gapstow Design Company our experience has taught us that each and every client has different needs, goals, taste, etc. We design beautiful, eye-catching websites. We also make sure that our clients’ sites are highly functional and optimized to maximize conversions and increase sales. We specialize in BigCommerce, Squarespace, and Shopify web design.


Showcase your products beautifully

First impressions are so incredibly important. That’s why we design websites in Shopify. We design e-commerce sites that truly showcase your products. Coupled with professional photography, your website will “pop,” your customers’ jaws will drop, and your sales will hop! … See what we did there?

Maximize Your E-Commerce Sales

We optimize your website to convert the maximum number of potential customers into not only buyers, but loyal, tell-all-their-friends-about-it, return customers. As you get more traffic to your site, we analyze Google Analytics to continually improve your site conversions.

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We Design on your Platform

Everyone seems to have a preferred e-commerce shopping platform - we included ourselves in that, too! It’s for this reason that we’ve assembled a team of expert web-developers who can specialize in different platforms. This allows us to work on your site, hosted on whatever platform you prefer. We specialize in BigCommerce, Squarespace, and Shopify web design.

Integrate with all your important E-Commerce Partners

Once we’ve built the site on your platform and optimized it to perform to it’s best ability, then we can integrate your new e-commerce website with all the important e-commerce partners that help your business to operate as efficiently as possible. Here’s a couple integrations we really love:

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E-Commerce Web Design Pricing

website basic Cleveland GapStow Design SquareSpace

Basic Website Design or Redesign

Starting at $1000

e-commerce website Cleveland GapStow Design Shopify

Shopify E-Commerce Website Design

Starting at $3000

Big Commerce e-commerce website design Cleveland

Advanced E-Commerce Website Design

Starting at $4,500

custom website design Cleveland

CUSTOM Design work

Let’s build a package for you - sometimes we’ll even work out a payment plan for you!