Need Help selling Your Product Online?

Our agency understands how daunting it can be when you have a product that you'd like to start selling on online marketplaces. 

There are so many marketplaces, logistical requirements, partner companies, and software suites to choose from!  That's why we're here.  We've been through these tumultuous seas and we're happy to help you to navigate them yourself. 

We offer our services differently on a case-by-case basis, based on the individual needs of our clients.  Helping out Clients to understand the "3 I's" of e-Commerce allows us to set them up for success in the future. 

We'd love to speak with you today about how we may be able to assist you.  

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The "3 I's" of E-Commerce

We’ve built our agency around "the 3 I's" of E-Commerce" - the belief that with these three Key elements to your online business, firmly in place, you virtually cannot Fail.  What are they?

  1. Implementation

  2. Integration

  3. infrastructure

1 - Implementation

Our first stop in your e-commerce journey is usually creating a customized "Implementation Plan".  Doing so ensures that your team and our team is on the same page. 

During the meeting we'll talk about which platform is best suited to host your website, what role we'll play in launching that site, the logistics of your product fulfillment, what your ultimate goals are from the company, etc.  


2 - Integration

Knowing which companies to integrate with can save you a ton of money, and a massive headache. 

Our agency will recommend which companies are out there that can provide the services your e-commerce business needs, while not breaking the bank. 

Typical integrations will include things like customer service platforms, shipping services, Fulfillment providers, accounting software, etc.  

3- Infrastructure

This is where everything really starts coming together.  You have your products, your web site, your partners (integrations), and you're ready to build it all out in such a way that everyone knows what to do, and how to work together flawlessly.

Having a solid infrastructure built means that you can finally step away from your business for a vacation, and not stress about whether or not your e-commerce business will still be functioning when you you get back.

E-Commerce Analytics

Not only does our e-commerce agency provide you with the necessary analytics to keep your finger on the pulse of your growing business, we also take  the time to make sure that you understand the relevant metrics to help you make smart choices for your company in the future. 

We provide analytics on an online storefront and Marketplace level as well as an overall look using Google Analytics.  This helps you to see where your customers are coming from, how much you're spending to get them there, and where to best spend your future marketing dollars to increase ROI.


E-Commerce Advertising Management

Once we've got your products listed on your website and the strategic marketplaces that you've chosen, it's time to advertise! 

This can be done multiple different ways, or usually, a combination of many.  When it comes to advertising your product, the "You've got to spend money to make money" rule definitely applies. 

We can help to manage your advertising budgets to make sure that you are getting the most for your advertising dollars - including choosing the advertising platforms that will bring the most ROI to your company.

E-Commerce Training Packages


There are a lot of moving parts to a well-oiled e-commerce agency.  We'll take the time to sit down with you and your team to make sure that everyone understands their role and each step of the process involved in making your company successful. 

We can walk you through to implementing different software programs, integration automation rules, and anything else that on your own might seem daunting.  We're here for you.

Other Services We offer your your E-Commerce Journey

Product Photography

NEVER underestimate the power of Beautiful product photography.  ESPECIALLY if you're competing with thousands of other products in popular marketplaces.  Not only should your pictures catch the eye of your potential customers, it also needs to comply with the individual image requirements set by each online marketplace.


Online Store Design

It's easy to get wrapped up in making the back-end logistics of your e-commerce website - but we can't ignore the overall aesthetic of your online storefront..  Remember, this will probably be your customers' first impression.


Logo / Website Image Design

Our team is happy to design a new logo for your business.  As we build out your storefront, we will likely need custom designed images that will help your e-commerce store stand out from the sea of your competitors.  If you have a graphic designer you like working with, great!  and if not, we're happy to help!