Shopify Web Design Concierge Onboarding

After an initial discovery call, we'll get your store launched faster and better than had you done it on your own. Could you do it on your own? Of course. But when you lean on our expertise you increase the your chances of succeeding.

We'll assist you by:

  1. Creating your account

  2. Picking a Shopify theme for your store

  3. Setting up your checkout processes

  4. Creating any necessary home page sliders or featured images (up to 5)

  5. Setting up your navigation

  6. Dialing in SEO - on-page and products

  7. Setting up automatic collections

  8. Customizing your Shopify theme settings with your logo and colors. (this is where most people struggle)

  9. Adding up to 50 products from information you supply.

  10. But most importantly, We will become your strategy resource for 30 days. If you have any questions about Shopify or your store, you get 24/7 email access to an e-commerce expert, and phone access when scheduled for 30 days after your store launch.

Included at no additional charge is two rounds of ten revisions.