November 30, 2018


Amazon is a great place to sell your products and reach as many consumers as possible, given that it’s one of, if not the biggest Online Marketplace.  But to truly be successful with selling on Amazon, you need to understand how the system works and play to it.  

While we’ve already discussed how to avoid trouble on Amazon in a previous post, more is required for you to truly flourish than to simply play nice.  

That’s where SEO comes into play.

Proper SEO is critical to success, whether you’re using your own platform or an online marketplace like Amazon. Your goods aren’t going to sell very well at all if your listings aren’t optimized for Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm.

We’ve got some tips to help make your Amazon listing worthy of good recognition to get you on the front page and rack up those ever-crucial conversions!



The Title of your listing is the first thing Amazon looks at and will have the most most impact on your listing’s ranking.  

Keywords are the key to a strong title; as we’ve mentioned before, they need to be used to the proper degree. If you use too many keywords, Amazon will penalize you.  

You can scope out the competition for some good keywords, or use tools like Google AdWords. When assembling your listing’s title, make sure to put the more important keywords to the front, as Amazon looks there first and places more relevance on those.  

The suggested order and content for a title is as follows: Brand, Product Line, Material/Key Features, Type, Color, Size, and Packing/Quantity.



Quality, optimized images are an important thing to have no matter what platform you’re using.  

But when it comes to Amazon, having alt text attached to your image is another piece you’ll need for a truly successful listing.  Alt text simply tells a search engine the nature of the image. Choose the most important and relevant keyword to use for the alt text.  

While its absence won’t completely ruin your chances, having it there will give you a big bonus, as the algorithm does look at and place more of a priority on alt text when looking for what to plaster on the front page.


While the title and image attributes will and should hold all of the most important keywords, the less important keywords shouldn’t be forgotten!

These can become backend search terms, which search engines still look at and use to rank you. These can include extra keywords and common misspellings that can still benefit your listing, but didn’t make the cut.


Using the guidelines above to optimize your Amazon listing will result in a better ranking during Amazon searches, meaning more conversions and sales for you!  

Not sure exactly how you can do that?

Experts like Gapstow Design can help you navigate the world of e-commerce for maximum success and help your e-commerce business thrive.  We offer a variety of SEO Packages to suit your business’ needs!

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