April 19, 2018

SEO is an absolutely vital part of a successful e-commerce business.

Whether you’re using a search engine like Google or Bing, or an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or, which will be the focus of this post.  

In fact, SEO plays a major part in making sure that your products rank highly and successfully.

The key to successful SEO with lies in a few key areas in your product listing: the product name or title, description, attributes, images, and key features or highlights.  

We’ll break down how you can successfully optimize each of these individually and achieve the most success with your product listing!




The ideal title length for best SEO is in between 50-75 characters.  

Go for something unique that wouldn’t be used on any other sites or any other products.  The format to follow would is: Brand + Clothing Size & Group + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style + Pack Count.  



Here’s where you get to go into detail and show some expertise on the item you’re trying to sell and highlight its benefits.  

The key is to make sure that what you say here is, again, unique and not copied from other sites or products.

Go for in between 1,000-4,000 characters (the longer the better).  

Also, this is a great place to make good use of keywords. Use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to figure out the best and most relevant keywords for your product and try to pepper them discreetly throughout your description.  

Balance is key here because if you use too many keywords indiscriminately, your product will lose credibility; but if you use too little, you’re not going to get the attention or traffic you need.


Well-defined attributes will really help draw traffic to your product when consumers do searches on  

They’re the categories on the left-hand side that you can click on to restrict or filter your search.

Treat attributes with the same discretion you would keywords and only pick the most relevant ones for your product.  

A good suggestion to help find the best attributes is to do a search on for your item and see what attributes appear on the left-hand side.



Quality images are really important.  

Customers should be able to see your product from many different angles, as well as show any relevant packaging or any other details that would be of importance to your product.  

Zoom-enabled images are another really important thing to have, because they allow consumers to inspect things closer as they would in person, which can ultimately build a trust with the product.


Here’s another great opportunity to use keywords to tag your item.

Pick in between 3-10 of the most valuable and relevant keywords for your item and list them here, comma separated, starting with the most important and descending in relevance.  

Remember to be specific, informative, and unique with your keywords.

If you follow the tips and advice above, then your product should have a much improved listing on  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, we can help! Gapstow Design specializes in E-commerce Consulting and helping navigate you and your e-commerce business to success.  

Check out our blog for a variety of topics and areas where we can assist, whether it’s with improving your SEO, website design, or helping you branch out and establish yourself in an online marketplace.

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