March 26, 2019


When you decide to take your ecommerce business up a notch and selling on multiple platforms, things can get a little complicated and tricky.  

That includes keeping in mind each platform’s policies, rules, and regulations in order to adhere to them and excel as a merchant.

We’ve written a few blogs regarding how to avoid Amazon's Account Suspensions, as well as tips to get the Amazon's Choice label as well as a shot into the Amazon Buy Box.  

One of the factors that can negatively affect your chances and reputation on Amazon is how much negative feedback you have.  

While having negative feedback on your site doesn’t mean the end of the world, the wisest course of action would be to address the negative feedback and try to resolve it before its 60 day window for change is closed.

If the feedback violates Amazon’s Terms and Conditions, you can request its removal.

Amazon’s regulations regarding feedback are pretty clear.  You can see the full page and read them here.

In short:

  • No Promotional Content Within Your Review

  • No Obscene, Inappropriate, or Abusive Language

  • No Personal Information Should Be Given Out

  • Product Reviews Belong On The Product Page

If you find that anything on this shortlist has been violated, then that presents a great opportunity to have Amazon step in and remove the review.  

And if you’ve qualified for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), then that’ll work even further in your favor, as shipping, packaging, and customer service are all out of your hands in that case.

If Amazon can’t remove it, then there’s no harm in reaching out to the customer.

This solution can benefit you regardless of the outcome.  If you resolve things with the unhappy customer, then they could be far more likely to remove the negative feedback.  

If the response is unfavorable, or if they won’t respond at all, then you can respond to their feedback and say that you tried to rectify the situation, and that can go a long way in establishing trust with any future customers.

One Very Important Thing To Keep In Mind!

It violates Amazon’s policies in a major way to offer a refund or exchange in return for the removal of the feedback.  Doing so could ultimately cost you your seller rights, which is something you’d undoubtedly want to avoid!

So while negative feedback won’t destroy you as an Amazon merchant, keeping it in check and doing your best to work with any upset customers can prevent things from getting out of hand, help maintain a fine reputation, and help you to continually grow and improve upon your business.  

Gapstow Design Company in Cleveland, Ohio would absolutely love to help you expand your business and help you grow to your full potential.

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