April 08, 2019


One of the reasons Shopify is such a popular online ecommerce platform today is because of its flexibility and customizability.  Shopify allows for countless options when it comes to the setup of your store. Combine that with its intuitive nature and emphasis on functionality, and you have a potent platform you can optimize for maximum success!

Here are 8 ways to optimize your Shopify store and customize it to achieve maximum success for you and your business!

1.)   Customize Your Shopify Theme

As stated before, Shopify has a vast library of themes for you to choose from for your store.  But simply selecting a theme isn’t the end. You can also go a step further and (carefully!) tweak the CSS code behind the theme to best suit your specific needs.

Whether there are a few unnecessary bits that you could stand to trim or a neat little feature you wanted to add in, editing the CSS code of your theme can open whole new worlds of possibilities!

Going in blind is not recommended, however.  You really should know what you’re doing. Hiring a professional who knows the Liquid coding language is also a wise option.  Given Shopify’s popularity, there’s no shortage of said professionals who would be willing to help you out (including us at Gapstow)!

2.)  Use Quality SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is absolutely vital in the world of ecommerce.  SEO lets you be seen by search engines and customers. Without it, you’d sit forever alone in your corner of cyberspace, twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the first few customers to wander in.

Here’s a short list of SEO tips:

  • Optimize your images

  • Optimize your titles/H1 tags

  • Keep your page speed as fast as possible

  • Publish quality, relevant content

For a more in-depth look at Shopify SEO, you can take a look at our post on the topic

3.)  Make Good Use Of Schema

Schema is a markup language that provides valuable information to Google by feeding them details on your products.  Using this structured data has many benefits, many of which are highlighted on our Schema Page.

In short though, schema gets more information about you and your product out in the open sooner.  Not only does this build good traffic, but customers will also be more inclined to buy from you. Using good schema markups can help you stand out as unique among your competitors.

4.)  Add Gifting Options

Adding options to make gifting easier or even just possible can go a long way in satisfying customers.  People love giving, and doing something as simple as making a gift-wrap option available or even adding gift cards as a product can satisfy your customers and build an appreciation for you.

5.)  Send Emails To Abandoned Carts

If a client leaves a full cart without officially purchasing anything, a friendly email reminder may be enough to lock in the sale.  At the very least it’ll remind them of the goods they left behind!

Sometimes, sending a discount along with those emails can be the difference between a good sales closing and an annoying spam message.  Be sure to also creatively customize your emails to appeal to your customers.

6.)  Collaborate!

How’re you going to gain a good reputation if people aren’t using your product?  Collaborating with other business or people within your market can be a great way to promote your product.  Working with an influencer shows that your product is already worthy of your customers’ attention, as well as serving as a vital source for backlinks and other necessary SEO boosts.

7.)  Think Outside The Box

Working outside of Shopify can give you and your business great results!  Social media holds the attention of most everyone around the globe, and can have huge benefits for you and your business.  Expanding to sell your products via social media platforms can be quite profitable and beneficial in a number of ways. Check out our post on the benefits of social media with ecommerce for more info.

Aside from social media, online marketplaces also offer great opportunities.  And much can still be said for the old-school physical approach to marketing and selling!


Optimizing your Shopify is a hugely beneficial process for you and your business.  The most important thing to remember about it, however, is this:

Optimization is an ongoing process!

It doesn’t end, or go away.  It requires diligent effort and upkeep to maintain what you build.  But with patience and determination, it can be done!

But if you’re worried that the process of optimization will eat up too much of your precious time, then it might be wise to hire some outside help.

Gapstow Design is a Cleveland, Ohio based ecommerce consulting company that specializes in Shopify web design and SEO.  We’d absolutely love to assist you in any we can! Let us Know exactly what you need, and we can develop a strategy best suited for you and your ecommerce business.

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